Proteinuria and nephritis, can be cured?

Proteinuria nephritis patients must pay extra attention to the timely implementation of treatment, due to the dangers of this scene analogy. Implementation of the pre-treatment, the patients must be special careful, and be sure to follow its own situation to choose the right's own approach.
Proteinuria nephritis can be cured according to the different status of the use of different methods of treatment, patients must be special careful, proteinuria nephritis symptoms, proteinuria nephritis is a kidney disease more common symptoms of this scene, showingshould pay particular attention to, is not the same treatment should be thinking about the implementation of treatment under the premise of safe motherhood. Of pregnancy induced hypertension referred to as "PIH" in the symptoms of hypertension, edema, proteinuria, nephritis after 24 weeks of pregnancy, a pregnancy-specific diseases, more common, is the world's maternal three causes of death a.
The proteinuria nephritis symptoms based on the systemic small artery spasm is a syndrome-like root lesions, an important manifestation of reduced blood pressure, proteinuria, nephritis and edema.
Lead to peripheral vascular resistance increases, and thus the increase in cardiac afterload due to systemic small artery spasm; kidney glomerular capillary spasm, ischemia and hypoxia, the patients display edema proteinuria nephritis; with cerebrovascular spasm lead to peripheral vascular resistance increases, and thus the increase in cardiac afterload; kidney glomerular capillary spasm ischemia and hypoxia, the patient may show edema and proteinuria nephritis;
Cerebrovascular with the cramps, to incur dizziness, headache, vomiting; more serious is that when ischemia and hypoxia of the brain motor center, the patient may show partial or generalized seizures, waking up, and even cerebral edema, cerebral haemorrhage.
White urine is not sick in the previous article we mentioned that proteinuria nephritis functional proteinuria nephritis and disease emotional albuminuria of nephritis.Functional proteinuria nephritis, also known as the raw emotional proteinuria nephritis, refers to the well-being of people in temporary proteinuria nephritis.
More common in young people under the influence of violent exercise, fever, low temperature, chills, body tension elements, renal vascular spasm or congestion, lead to the glomerular filtration membrane permeability to enhance the protein leaving a small amount of "slipping through the net". Functional proteinuria nephritis in proteinuria nephritis incentive to lift themselves disappear. It is also known as reversible proteinuria nephritis or transient proteinuria nephritis.
Whether the protein in urine, containing the protein of the number of estimates of a simple rough test method: urine boiling basis, to display a white turbid urine, plus 5% acetic acid 5 to 10 drops of boiling, such as turbidity disappeared to explain that no protein in urine, urinary protein qualitative test negative; such as turbidity does not disappear but an increase was flocculent precipitate or clots, urinary protein qualitative experiments as positive.
The experts pointed out that the suffering from nephritis, proteinuria should be in the doctor's instructions to take medication on time test, the active treatment. The kind of worried about the growth of the fetus and rejected the idea of ​​medication errors, more dangerous. Important purpose of the treatment of pregnancy-induced hypertension is to remove systemic small artery spasm, reducing blood pressure, diuretic. Maternity clinic doctor to open the medicine should be thinking about the two aspects of maternal and child well-being, peace, marked by the clinical theory has significant effects, and teratogenic effects of drugs.
Proteinuria nephritis in the absence of kidney disease before pregnancy, should belong to the normal scene, just needs to go to the hospital confirmed what it would be better, there are many reasons lead to this scene, to the proper treatment.
Protein in normal urine can be mild growth in this position and renal flow increased glomerular filtration rate of growth related. Physical well being of conditions, in pregnancy, the kidney appears slightly abnormal changes, such as the length of the growth component of growth. With glomerular filtration rate growth, and thus filter out the protein grows, the 24-hour urine protein excretion of up to 300-500mg, the occurrence rate of about 20%.
Pregnancy lordosis, liver crush the inferior vena cava resulting in renal venous pressure to reduce, with enlarged uterus squeeze the renal vein, pregnancy raw emotional proteinuria nephritis reason to take the lateral position tend to make the increase in urinary protein.
The proteinuria nephritis certain to trigger the patient's focus on, if you find this scene must be timely implementation of treatment, to avoid the disease better.