Drinking Water of End Stage of Renal Failure After Dialysis

End Stage of Renal Failure patients on dialysis how drinking water is more healthy? Regular dialysis end stage renal failure, uremic patients in their daily lives, some of the conditions to cause to focus on.
Disease patients on dialysis, how considered amount of water?
One should first ensure cessation of the laws of dialysis. In accordance with the control of the doctor's regular dialysis, and dialysis time in more than four hours per week treatment time in 12 hours or more. Plenty of blood dialysis to allow water to more easily control.
(2) of weight gain between dialysis should be controlled I 'dry weight' (kg) 3-5%, well do not exceed 7%. 60kg of patients can not exceed 4.2kg ; otherwise prone to dialysis hypotension or muscle cramps, incurred by dialysis can not be successfully completed.
(3) multi-dialysis doctor or nurse you level often eat food variety and quantity of suitable or not, let your diet get more professional advice.
Good home weight, a fixed time every day weigh weight.
In the normal diet, to minimize the intake of salt, taste does not reduce the appetite for the specification, as much as possible light, do not advocate add salt substitutes, soy sauce when cooking. Eradicate eating pickled products. Not prematurely to participate in the salt when cooking in order to avoid the salt is completely dissolved, need a lot more to think tasty. Separated from their families when necessary, diet (food), eat a lighter diet. Reduce the intake of salt makes you thirsty desire to feel significantly reduced, will be able to better control drinking water, can reduce muscle spasm in the timing of the dialysis process.
When you feel very dry mouth, can try with a little ice in the mouth, or chew a little new mint leaves, or chew twelve mint chewing gum, or smell of lemon, cold feel to make you feel comfortable .
7 cups must select the scale, so drink plenty of water when you will be aware of, can not remember to drink more. Good can a day up to drink the water in an appropriately-sized containers, drink water, a limited supply.
Do a good job of rice, noodles, ravioli, dumplings, bread, rice, porridge, soup, water content is different, you choice should be clear about how much to eat appropriate.Analogy salty try not to eat outside the restaurant (outside the restaurant thing, incomparable flavor), or special request to the taste of a lighter, for example, do not put MSG. Patients with oliguria the initiative so as not to congee, soup.
Catering for friends and relatives invited, as we choose to tactfully rejected, so as not to me the "courage of your convictions" is not enough, the drinks out of control, the scourge is not shallow.
10 in case of improper heart disease, should inform your doctor if you blood dialysis patients, allowing doctors to control the fluid volume.
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