How to effective reduce protein in urine naturally?

1.Is urinary protein(proteinuria) normal or not?
Normal people can have a little protein in his urine.If he do a examination of 24-hour urinary protein excretion,that excretion can't be more than 150mg. It is a normal phenomenon that this degree of protein can't be examined out in the common urinary testing.This protein molecular weight is relatively small.In addition that,people can also emerge a transient proteinuria in the vast exercise and overheated environment,but that will return to normal voluntarily after several days .So don't worry ,these are just the body's normal physiological reaction.
Why is there urinary protein?
Frequently, proteinuria is the classical symptom of chronic kidney disease.The kidney just likes a human micro-filtration device.It has three-tier structure:from inside to outside,they are respectively endothelial cell layer,basement membrane and epithelial cell layer.Because these layers are all distributed by unequal filtration pores and negative charge,the barrier function of glomerular capillary can be divided into two kinds: mechanical barrier--filtration and charge barrier -- negative charge. In the normal circumstance,demic
excess water ,toxin and metabolin can be excreted through this renal device,only normal cells ,protein and nutrient substance are holded.After the renal filtration structure is damaged by inflammation of patients who has chronic nephritis,protein will leak out through the broken renal filtration device.So protein appears in the urine .This phenomenon is called proteinuria or urinary protein.
How to effective reduce protein in urine naturally ?
Conventional treatments:former medicine thought when people suffered infection and abnormal metabolism ,metabolin and immune complexes deposit in the renal glomerulus .These substances made kidney appear inflammation and destroyed normal renal structure,resulting protein leaking out.Past treatments clouldn't make these metabolin and immune complexes move out of human body,but only using some western medicine retrained the demic inflammatory reaction to control proteinuria.Although this treatment is classics ,it exists some flaws.For exampl:Side effects are big.These immunosuppressants retrain not only morbid immunoreactions but also normal immunoreactions.Human easily has a infected chance again,and
once infectede again ,state of the illness will aggravate,thus creat a vicious cycle.Then these medicine can influence the skeletons develop
and cause stress ulcer, obesity, diabetes, gastrointestinal reactions, the potential chances of infection and so on.So this is a frustrating choice for people to treat kidney disease.
The research of our hospital:
Our hospital is a large professional institute which engages in the treatment and research of kidney disease .Through the research and the experience of over twenty-thousand clinical cases' treatment per year from 1986 to the present,we have collected vast treatment experience.Now we share our achievement with every patient in plain language:firstly,we think kidney disease is not only kidney disease but also a holistic demic disease.Its origin is due to the holistic demic immunoreaction and supersession,so we easily ignore the holistic demic examination and regulation.For example,frequently chronic glomerulonephritis(urinary protein) originally is because of our imbalance of CD4 + / CD8 + of T lymphocyte subsets.The antibody abnormalities results that our bodys appear abnormal immunoreaction.If immune complexes like CIC deposit in kidney ,the kieney will emerge phlogosis.So in this situation we simply treating kidney is not enough.We must examine which aspect of our body appears dysimmunity in some ways,and conduct treatment recover for the part of dysimmunity.Otherwise the kidney will suffer the intrusion of the immune complexes and the state of an illness reappears,even if the kidney is treated well.At the same time this phenomenon explains why some patients of kidney failure may suffer kidney injury again after doing a kidney transplant.Therefore come to a conclusion that kidney disease should be paid more attention to check our own immunoreaction than treat the kidney.We should adjust our own immunoreaction and metabolic reaction.
1. At present our hospital has technology means of cutting-edge treatment:
Kidney disease is a kind disease of seeming easy but difficultly seeing effect.Every patient suffers the puzzle from spirit and disease.
Kidney treatmenrt is a process of seeming easy but being fussy.Different patients have different opinions before treatment.Some kidney diseases have losed the value of treatment,but some still have a prodigious value of treatment.However the latter always been given up by matrical doctors
and patient himself,and this is very unfortunately and distressed.
The treating experience of patients of kidney disease in our hospital:
A.Proper examination:kidney disease can be found difficultly in the early days through the common examination.Special diagnosis:sometimes kidney disease is not only glomerulus disease but also accompanied by kidney tubules,interstitial damage,and dysimmunity.These problems are very easily ignored in the diagnosis,and this is also an important process.At the same time accurate diagnosis is the premise of the accurate treatment.
Our large-scale special hospital takes advanced examinations:renal fibrosis in seven series' testing(find the problems of renal fibrosis
in the early stage),
Kidney tubules in three series' testing(find kidney tubules damage in the early stage)
Treg cells testing:Lymphocyte subsets group(T lymphocyte subsets group \ B lymphocyte subsets group \ NK lymphocytes), the Th1/Th2 cell ratio ,circulating immune complexes, C3, C4, and CH5O, C1q, factor B, immunoglobulin (IgA,IgG, IgM, IgE) IgG1, IgG2, IgG3, IgG4.(find the factors of kidney immune damage),cyclosporin a blood concentration testing.
Cardiac troponin (TNT), NT-proBNP , D-dimer, procalcitonin,blood convention (contain reticulocyte testing) renal function (plus light endostatin C) serum electrolytes (plus magnesium), liver (plus pre-albumin), lipids (APOA1, APOB and Lpa), antinuclear antibody series, ANCA series , anti-glomerular basement membrane antibody ,light chain protein, rheumatoid factor, iron metabolism in four, folic acid, B12 ,PTH and so on.Through these advanced equipment, hidden and early kidney damage, and drog problems can be found.
B.Special treating measures:
Our treating system is summarized:
Chinese medical system:
Treatment based on Micro-traditional Chinese medicine external acupuncture(concentrate frequency pulse, infrared, traditional Chinese medicine,and the acupoint comprehensive external acupoint treatment),magical Chinese medical medicated bath(skin dialysis), treatment of ultrasound penetration (using ultrasound coordinating the meridian and Chinese medical treatment), foot holographic treatment (TCM in terms of Chinese medicine ,foot is the projection of the various organs )
Immunization therapy system:
A immunodiagnosis(check out the source of immune damage)
B immune blocking-up treatment(block the process of immune damage)
C immune tolerance treatment(make organism tolerate the abnormal immunoreaction,reduce the fators of induced hypersensitivity)
D immunoregulate treatment(adjust normal immunoreaction reasonablely)
E immune clear treatment,through advanced immunoadsorbent technics(liposuction),plasmapheresis,bedside IQ21 continued blood filtration,continued hemodialysis filtration,single plasmapheresis,double plasmapheresis,plasma immunoadsorbent ,blood perfusion,DNA immunoadsorbent,clear away toxin in blood directly.
F immune protecting treatment(through traditional Chinese medicine,enhance human disease-resistant ability)
In summary, the tragic accident of kidney disease patients happens, largely due to the lack of the understanding of his disease.Many patients are not without access to treatment, but firmly believe that the disease don't have any treating value. So give up the opportunity for treatment.This is the saddest.