Polycystic kidney disease can eat kelp

Kelp is known as the "longevity food", "sea vegetables", "iodine champion" in the world, nutritional value from the point of view, is a health food, seaweed has been very popular with people of all ages. So, polycystic kidney disease can eat kelp?
Polycystic kidney disease is a hereditary disease, is a very difficult disease to bring a great deal of pain and inconvenience to patients, polycystic kidney disease therefore be of concern to more and more people. Whether in treatment or prognosis, should be a reasonable diet, to eat and what not to eat what should be very clear, following polycystic kidney disease can eat kelp "expand the explanation.
Kelp is a high iodine content of seaweed. General farming kelp iodine 3% -5%, and more up to 7% -10%, the role of prevention and treatment of iodine deficiency goiter can supplement the short of iodized salt in the body, but that also varies from person to person. polycystic kidney disease patients, can not eat seaweed, the reason is that kidney disease patients should not eat because it contains a small amount of iodized salt, is recommended that patients with polycystic kidney diet should be aware of the most important, and that is low sodium low-salt diet, excessive intake of salt will lead to or aggravate the patient's edema, and increase the burden on the kidneys, so be sure to eat less sodium.
Patients with low potassium in the diet, also low-phosphorus diet, avoid eating too much potassium foods also need to limit protein intake. Specific dietary guidelines must consult a doctor, not arbitrarily change their eating principles. Described below under polycystic kidney disease diet principles:
Salty class to pay attention to eat (including pickled), spicy class do not eat (including pepper, wine, shrimp, crabs, etc.), contaminated eat (including spoiled leftovers, etc.), barbecue to eat, and renal insufficiency or the occurrence of uremia should also pay attention to the beans and their products do not eat, and limit animal protein foods, greasy foods.
Polycystic kidney disease treatment and diet health precautions "together" in order to achieve the purpose of control cysts. Care of the daily diet of the polycystic kidney disease can be prevented aggravation of the disease, to some extent, can effectively control the progress of the disease, polycystic kidney proper diet and health is particularly important.