Symptoms in Late Stage polycystic kidney disease - pkd

The late symptoms of polycystic kidney disease
Polycystic kidney disease in patients with early kidney size is normal, usually no obvious symptoms. Polycystic kidney cysts later increased kidney volume increased, and the emergence of morphological abnormalities, such as the renal pelvis shaped, the complete structure of the cone of the renal papilla and renal damage. Cysts are spherical, large and small.
Beginning when the renal only a few cysts, and gradually increased with disease progression, and ultimately makes the kidney by cysts share, kidney up to the size of football fields. In the light microscope, the cyst can still see the complete renal structure from normal performance to glomerulosclerosis, tubular atrophy, interstitial fibrosis, ranging from, these changes are cysts oppression-induced renal ischemia. In the electron microscope, the cyst epithelial cells showed two kinds of forms: a proximal tubule epithelial cells, and the other is similar to the distal tubules. The cyst fluid is generally clear, When intracystic infection or bleeding may be purulent or bloody.
Polycystic kidney disease renal volume and weight increased significantly, approximately 10 times the normal. Sleek, section shows fusiform or columnar cyst, the radial distribution. Epithelial cells were cylindrical, and collecting duct epithelial cells. Renal pelvis and calyceal expansion of the renal parenchyma compression and narrower, smaller.
Final polycystic kidney dirty as the cyst increases renal units completely damaged, have caused the loss of renal insufficiency and uremia, renal
Hope that the friends of patients with kidney disease early detection and early treatment, and then the best treatment time, let your body recover.