Treatment for Parapelvic Cysts On Kidney

Some people feel pain in back and after CT examination, they are diagnosed with Parapelvic Cysts. What harm will Parapelvic Cyst take? This is a question puzzling many patients. Is there an effective treatment to cure Parapelvic Cysts?
Parapelvic Cysts means that there exist cysts in pelvis. Besides cysts in pelvis, there can also be cysts in kidney cortex, kidney medulla, and other area of kidney. Is Parapelvic Cyst serious? What is the damage it will do with time going on? The functions of pelvis go as follows:
Pelvis is a area where all renal units accumulate. Pelvis is used to collect all the urine and then urine is delivered into ureter, which is connected with pelvis. Through ureter, urine is delivered into bladder, and then discharge out of body. In a word, pelvis is used to collect urine.
So if there are cysts in pelvis, the discharge of urine will be blocked and it is necessary to treat.
As we mentioned in previous articles, Parapelvic Cyst is due to the abnormal proliferation of renal epithelial cells. So the treatment of Parapelvic Cyst will mainly focus on the repair of intrinsic cell: renal epithelial cells.
How about the method of Parapelvic Cyst treatment? Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is no doubt a good therapeutic treatment, which has proven its effect in clinic by patients in Kidney Disease Hospital. It is the effort and achievement by experts in  Kidney Disease Hospital after more than 20 years’ trial and error. Cysts squeeze pelvis, which makes the urine difficult to discharge. As we know, there are wastes and toxins of the body in the urine. After being obstructed, these wastes and toxins will accumulate in the body, which makes the accumulation in the body. Day after day, serum creatinine and BUN may increase, as well. So Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can play the following roles:
Firstly, in Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, there are many active materials, which can help improve the blood circulation in kidney pelvis, and dissolve the stasis if necessary. After this step, blood circulation, even micro-circulation is also improved.
Secondly, after the first step, toxins and wastes will discharge together with urine, which makes the burden of the pelvis decrease.
Finally, in Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, there are many nutritious substances, which can supply nutrition, and repair the damaged epithelial cells. In this case, the cysts will be smaller and smaller, even disappear.
Patients with Parapelvic Cysts should not worry so much. Compared with western therapy such as puncture, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can treat Parapelvic Kidney Cysts thoroughly and has no side effect.
If you still have any questions about how Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy treats Parapelvic Cysts, welcome to consult the experts online or email us.