What does creatinine 5.1 mean

When people have a routine urine test, creatinine level is a very common index. Not all people know much about creatinine. In the following we will have a general understanding about creatinine level and what does high creatinine mean?
Creatinine is a kind of waste product and it should be removed out of body by our kidneys. When kidneys are damaged, this kind of function will decrease. So creatinine can not be eliminated fully any more, it will build up in the blood. So higher the level of serum creatinine is, it means the kidneys are damaged more severely and less kidney function is left.
The normal level of creatinine for adult males is 0.6-1.2mg/dl,and for females, it is 0.5-1.1ma/dl. Creatinine 5.1 is much higher than the normal levels, so the kidneys have been damaged very severely. You may not know that the creatinine level will not rise until more than a half of kidney function has been lost, for the kidneys have very strong compensatory ability. Than which stage is creatinine 5.1 in?
According to the creatinine levels, renal insufficiency is divided into four stages. Creatinine 5.1 belongs to Renal Failure, the third stage of renal insufficiency. You can also say it is CKD 4. In many other countries, when the illness condition develops into kidney failure, (in general, when the creatinine level reaches about 5.1mg/dl), the dialysis treatment starts.
Once the condition develops into kidney failure, there are no treatment can cure the disease. If the kidney disease can be treated at the early stage, it is possible to cure the disease, but kidney failure means that too much kidney function has been lost. What we can do is to help patients with creatinine 5.1 avoid or get rid of dialysis treatment and live a normal life as others do, but please remember that it is not 100% cure.
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