Life Expectancy of Kidney Transplant Patient

Kidney transplant may be a better treatment for you than dialysis, because survival rates are better after transplant. You will also be able to live a more normal life, because you won't have to have dialysis. Although a kidney transplant is an expensive procedure, it may actually be less costly than long-term dialysis treatments.
There is often a long wait before you receive a donor kidney. And there is no guarantee that the transplant will be successful. Fewer complications occur in people who are good candidates for surgery and who do not have other serious medical conditions, such as unstable coronary artery disease or cancer, that may limit their life expectancy.
so how long alive after kidney transplant life expectancy ?
Lets clarify this answer :
"92% at 1 year.
80% at 5 years.
54% at 10 years. "
This is graft survival (how long the kidney lasts)
Not patient survival (if the kidney fails..the patient is still alive and can go back on dialysis to await another transplant)
The experts say that a patient with a functioning kidney transplant can expect to double the remaining life years they would have had on dialysis. Others sources say that transplant patients will live 10 years longer than would be expected on dialysis.
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so how to treat kidney disease except kidney transplant  ?