Renal Failure And Bananas

It is known that bananas are rich in various elements such as protein, sugar, potassium, Vitamin A, and Vitamin C. What’s more, there is also much dietary fiber, so bananas are popular among people all around the world.
However, can patients with kidney failure eat bananas? Generally, patients with kidney failure are required to keep diet less in potassium and sodium. Bananas are rich in potassium as we mentioned above, so patients with kidney failure should limit the intake of bananas.
Besides bananas, what other food patients with kidney failure should pay attention to? Food rich in potassium are as follows: fresh broad bean, tomatoes, Chinese yam, spinach, edible amaranth, kelp, nori, Dateplum persimmon, apricot, almond, nut, peanuts, green soya bean, soya bean, mung bean, sheep lumbar, pig’s kidney, etc. Patients with kidney failure should limit the amount of the above-mentioned food, thus prevent taking excessive potassium ion, which leads to hyperkalemia.
However, can food relieve kidney failure maximally? Of course not enough. Food or diet is just an assistant therapy. In kidney failure stage, kidney intrinsic cells have been damaged and even there exist some necrotic cells. So to control the deterioration and repair damaged intrinsic cells, patients with kidney failure should take effective therapeutic measures. In Kidney Disease Hospital, experts created a new therapy based on traditional Chinese medicine, which is called Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. It can improve the blood circulation in the kidney, and supply blood, oxygen and nutrition in the kidney, thus repairing the damaged intrinsic cells. As for those necrotic ones, stem cell transplantation can make it.
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