Does Stage 3 Kidney Disease Of Creatinine Level Means Dialysis

Does Stage 3 Kidney Disease Of Creatinine Level Means Dialysis
When patients with chronic kidney disease develop into stage 3, some of us will be concerned a lot and worrying whether their creatinine level will lead them to dialysis.
In deed, in many countries, doctors judge whether chronic kidney disease patients on the basis of creatinine. For example, in China, generally, in most of areas, it is when the serum creatinine rises to as high as 707umol/L that patients begin to take dialysis. At this moment, toxins are many. However, in China, there are also people who take dialysis when creatinine level is more than 300 umol/L. In contrast, in many other countries, chronic kidney disease patients begins to take dialysis when serum creatinine is 450umol/L.
Does stage 3 kidney diseaseof creatinine level means dialysis? Let’s look at the serum creatinine level. In stage 3, GFR falls to 30~59 ml/min. (The normal range of GFR is 80 to 120 ml/min.) Serum creatinine in stage 3 is 186-442umol/L. We can know that patients are in the edge of dialysis. If we can take effective measures to prevent the deterioration, we can avoid dialysis. How to treat?
As we know, kidney consists of millions of renal units, which play functions such as filtration and secretion, etc. So once the disease develops into stage 3 and serum creatinine can not discharge out successfully, we can know that there must be damaged intrinsic cells in the kidney, which we should repair at once.
In Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, we use Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy to treat, which can prevent the stage 3 patients from dialysis. The specific mechanism goes as follows:
Micro-Chinese Medicine can clear the immune complex and repair the damaged renal glomerular membrane, the damage of which leads to the increased serum creatinine. And at the same time, it can repair the diseased tissues as well. After these steps, the basilar membrane will be repaired and renal function will be recovered. The filtration area will be extended. And serum creatinine will be decreased accordingly. Patients with chronic kidney disease stage 3 can be far from dialysis.