Is Honey Good For Kidney Disease

Honey Good For Kidney Disease
Who doesn't know honey? the sweet liquid produced by bees, but do you know what the benefits of honey is? actually honey is a blessing remedy from Allaah for mankind. In honey there are many benefits that human can use. Honey is used as a remedy and a natural vitamin thousands year ago since ancient egyptian era. They used honey as a medicine, beautification, curing wounds even for embalming the mummies.
Honey can help to cure disease. Some diseases can be cured like, stomacache peptic ulcer, hepatitis, thypoid, dysentri, fever, liver, kidney disease, insomnia, anemia and sprue.
Honey increases the amount of urine and exerts a decided antiseptic effect. Patients with kidney failure treated with honey quickly improve; the urine clears and loses its putrid odour. According to Dr. Bodog F. Beck, MD in Honey and Your Health, “A man suffered from tuberculosis of the kidney and was given up by two doctors 15 years ago. He got to eating honey and plenty of it and he is today as peppy as youngster”.
Persistent inadequate sleep could cause hypertension, which is major risk factor for renal problems. But honey promotes sound sleep on account of its amino acid, trytophan that increases the level of neurotransmitter serotonin, a sort of sedative in the brain. Honey is the best sleep tonic and it can be diluted in warm water to promote sound and restorative sleep. According to researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA, “honey induces serotonin, a chemical that clams down brain activity, and sets the stage for better relaxation and sleep”.
Impaired blood circulation could cause kidney dysfunction, but regular use of honey promotes effective blood flow by causing increased production of nitric oxide, which expands the veins, thus facilitating effective supply of blood, nutrients and oxygen to the body organs.
Bacteria could undermine the functions of kidneys, but a diet rich in honey will forestall this situation, because honey has proved potent against all the strains of bacteria. According to Rose Cooper, a microbiologist at the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff, “honey kills bacteria including staphylococcus and enterococcus that can withstand ‘last resort’ antibiotics three times more effectively”. In fact, honey’s natural antibacterial properties inhibit the growth of over 60 species of bacteria.