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Question of Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease
Q:Why do chronic kidney disease stage 4 patients have nausea and vomiting?
Why do chronic kidney disease stage 4 patients have nausea and vomiting? There are many factors that can cause nausea.But the most common reason is acidosis.What is acidosis? If patients have too many P in the body, they will have acidosis. Most specifically, once the kidney is seriously damaged, it leads to acid-base imbalance, and then gastrointestinal reaction will appear. So patients should not eat high phosphorus food, for example, oat, wheat and so on. And eat more alkaline food, for example, spinach, bean curd and so on.
If chronic kidney disease patients have nausea and vomiting, Which show theirs kidney has been badly damaged. But so many patients don not understand the chronic kidney disease. Which leads to the deterioration of diseases. So patients should choose a kidney disease specialized hospital, and receive Chinese and Western medicine combined treatment.
Other reasons of nausea and vomiting
1) Hyponatremia: When the serum sodium is below 130mmol/L, patients will have hyponatremia.
2) Hepatic dysfunction: Some drugs can damage the liver for the treatment of kidney.
3) At the stage of renal failure urea is broken down into ammonia by bacterium in the intestinal tract. It will stimulate the gastrointestinal mucosa, and then inflammation or ulceration will appear. So patients will have nausea and vomiting.
Q:Why should I eat less salt with CKD stage 4?
Why should patients with chronic kidney disease stage 4 eat less salt ? Because salt has a lot of sodium. Edema has many relation with blood volume and sodium salt. When patients eat a gram of salt, they will need drink 110ml water. And the micturition function of the kidney has been damaged, too much water will deposit in the body. Which often caused edema, increased blood volume and heart failure. So patients must eat less salt with CKD stage 4, for example, 2 to 4 grams salt per day.
Q: Can patients with stage 4 chronic kidney disease eat egg?
Patients with different symptoms have different analysis. If patients have severe proteinuria, they should not eat egg yolk, because egg yolk is contains a lot fat and cholesterol. But they can eat some egg white 100g per day. Patients with renal insufficiency should have a low-protein diet, and eat more starchy foods. Hemodialysis patients should be done according to the condition under the doctor’s guidance of diet. Patients with chronic kidney disease usually should eat some high quality protein food, for example, milk, egg, fresh lean meat and fish, and should not eat vegetable protein, for example cereals, pulses and derived products. Because vegetable protein contains excessive non-essential amino acids.